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Hey everybody, I’m not a big writer but I realize it’s good to keep my website fresh and updated. Today is May 29, 2020, I have three kids, two are in elementary school and the other is a toddler. We’ve been homeschooling for a little over two months now and it has been quite the journey. Who knows how long will be under the “stay at home” ban. I think the unknown is what causes people to be a little stressed. I think if there’s one thing that we have all come to realize is that patients which is one of the fruits...

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Hello and good day! How many of us can remember a few of our teachers growing up? I know I can! They leave a mark, they teach us about academics but also help mature our thinking for living life and being a socially successful human!  I am sure I can gather many stories from people who would not be who they are today if it wasn't for Mr. or Mrs. Hero! They forever leave a mark!  In a short time we will be celebrating teacher appreciation week. We have made a few different signs that you can purchase to let...

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Hello my people. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you today. I think it is amazing how the internet has changed our world. There are negative and positives of course, but I am reflecting on how grateful I am that I have started a little business and have had great success due to social media and the wonderful WWW. I sent my kiddos off to school full time in the fall of 2015 and boy, has my life changed! I started crafting for fun ( I have always LOVED crafting) and then slowly started to sell my little...

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