Mommy Moments at MOPS

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Mommy Moments at MOPS

As I am sitting in my MOPS group, it is a social group for moms of youngsters. We were discussing what we remember from childhood. One mom shared that she remembered being at a friends house and her friends mom was so upset about something, she ran outside and threw a pot full of dirt and flowers over the balcony. She was crying and yelling. This particular mom that shared that, said that moment has been glued in her mind for years. She was thankful it wasn't her mom and it obviously prompted many questions in her growing mind. 

My first thought as she was sharing this story was, I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO THAT CRAZY MOM!! Ha!

As a child we don't understand the pressers in life can lead adults to craziness sometimes. With that story in my mind, I found this quote to make and put up on my wall. It reminds me to be conscience of the use of my words and be aware of my actions. One day my kids will grow up and be sitting around with other friends sharing their childhood memories. I want their memories to be fun, happy and of a mom that lived loving them, it may be a beautiful mess at times but I desire them to have great childhood memories! This sign has been a great reminder for me! 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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